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Panthera Rail - ST0057
Panthera Rail - ST0057 $325.00
Our Saber Tactical Panthera rail has already proven itself in competition helping our shooters bring home the gold in PRS competitions. It adds the rigidity and weight needed to shoot accurately in different positions.  Features: The main body is made of lightweight T6 aluminum.  Removable brass inserts for added weight Mlok slots on the side allow shooters to add more weight to their setup Allows you to use a 300cc bottle when the middle brass weight is removed. Will require Panthera front bottle adapter ST0056. Jimping pattern underneath the rail to help grip shooting bags Wider than the factory rail Length = 17.71 in, Width = 1.96 in Weight = 4 pounds  Add an extra pound of weight with our brass bridge ST0059.
Panthera Brass Bridge - ST0059
Panthera Brass Bridge - ST0059 $125.00
Add an additional pound of weight with our brass bridge. Only compatible with our Saber Panthera rail since ours is wider than factory rail. Features: MLok slots on top allowing you to attach different accessories. 
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Saber Tactical Window Saver ST0061
Saber Tactical Window Saver... $75.00
The Saber Tactical Window Saver ST0061 is a must-have attachable rail for air rifle enthusiasts who enjoy shooting from their vehicle's window. Made of lightweight aluminum and a soft rubber pad, it can provide a stable and secure platform for shooting without damaging the car's door panels. This rail is compatible with most air rifles and can easily be attached to any ARCA rail system, providing a convenient and stable shooting experience. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a beginner, the Saber Tactical Window Saver ST0061 is an essential tool for anyone who wants to improve their shooting accuracy while enjoying the convenience of shooting from their vehicle. Upgrade your air rifle with the Window Saver ST0061 today and experience the ultimate shooting experience without worrying about damaging your car door panels. PRODUCT FEATURES  6061 T6 Aluminum  Black anodize Rubber bottom padding 
RAW HM1000 Chassis - ST0058
RAW HM1000 Chassis - ST0058 $350.00
Note: Does not include rear buttstock. if you have the wooden version, you'll need to source one. The Saber Tactical Raw HM1000 chassis is the perfect upgrade for your air rifle. Made from high-quality 6061 aluminum, this chassis is both lightweight and durable, giving you the perfect balance of strength and maneuverability. The MLOK slots on the side and bottom of the rail allow you to attach your favorite accessories, making customization easy and effective. Whether you're looking to add a flashlight, bipod, or anything in between, the MLOK slots give you the versatility to get the job done right. Starting from the trigger guard, you'll have about 15.25 inches of arca rail below allowing you to position a bipod further out. Additionally, the 1/4-20 threads on the bottom of the chassis allow for easy attachment to a camera tripod adapter. Finally, the quick disconnect holes located on both sides of the chassis make it easy to attach a sling, adding an additional layer of comfort and convenience to your shooting experience. Overall, the Saber Tactical Raw HM1000 chassis is the perfect upgrade for anyone looking to take their air rifle performance to the next level. So why wait? Order yours today and get ready to take on the competition with confidence and style!
Fx Impact Ambidextrous Cheek Rest ST0054
Fx Impact Ambidextrous Chee... $35.00
ABOUT ITEM The Fx Impact Ambidextrous Cheek Rest is the perfect accessory for any shooter. Whether right or left-handed, this cheek rest will provide a comfortable and stable platform for your cheek while shooting. The cheek rest is extremely easy to install, and it's made of durable materials that will last you a long time. With the Fx Impact Ambidextrous Cheek Rest, you'll be able to shoot with improved accuracy and comfort. Order yours today and see the difference for yourself!FEATURES Compatible with all versions of the Fx Impact Compatible with the Saber Tactical Cheek Risers Weighs only 3.2 oz Made entirely of Delrin material  
Tank Bag ST0036
Tank Bag ST0036 $200.00
Saber Tactical tank bags are here. Large enough to fit a 9.0L tank. Features: OD green Max 22 inch circumference & 23 inch long tank (29in. w/ valve together) Two large pockets for accessories Long velcro strip for patches Molle webbings to attach your other molle compatible accessories  Clear slot for ID card
AR Style Grip with Ambidextrous Thumb Rest ST0049
AR Style Grip with Ambidext... $65.00
This grip has a thumb rest that can be positioned on either side for competitive shooters who do not like to wrap their thumbs around the grip. You can also adjust the angle to your preference. Note* The first shipment of grips is compatible with FX Impacts and most AR-style grips. We've found that the FX Maverick has a thicker adapter and will not be compatible. We marked the first batch with a Yellow round sticker on the package. Update* - 01/10/2023 - The second shipment has come in and the grips are now compatible with the Fx Maverick. The AR-style grips are not currently compatible with the Saber Tactical Bag Rider. This feature will be coming at a later date. Features: 6061 T6 aluminum Black anodized Skeletonize to reduce weight Ambidextrous thumb rest Weighs 6.0 oz  
FX Impact / Maverick Adjustable Buttstock ST0009
FX Impact / Maverick Adjust... $250.00
The engineers at Saber Tactical listened to the end users & incorporated everything into this design. We made this one for bench shooters & hunters. One of our priorities was to make it easy to attach to the gun & make adjustments without tools. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to adjust the buttstock up and down, forward and back, and the angle of the shoulder rest. The silicone padding makes it one of the most comfortable buttstocks on the market. A mono-pod attachment is available as an optional attachment for maximum comfort.
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Saber Tactical Rail Weights / M-LOK ST0055
Saber Tactical Rail Weights... $50.00
ABOUT ITEM The Saber Tactical Rail Weights are designed for use with "M-LOK" compatible handrails. These weights attach to the rail using the M-LOK system, allowing for a secure and seamless addition of weight to the handrail. This can help balance the rifle and reduce felt recoil. They also add a tactical look to the rifle. These M-LOK rail weights are a great choice for anyone looking to add weight and improve the balance of their rifle while still maintaining the ability to easily add or remove accessories. FEATURES Comes 2 per pack Weight 0.5 pounds each Made of Steel Zinc plated
Saber Tactical AR-Style Vertical Grip ST0050
Saber Tactical AR-Style Ver... $100.00
Introducing the Saber Tactical AR-Style Vertical Grip, designed to enhance your shooting experience with PCP airguns. This lightweight and durable grip is crafted from high-quality material and provides exceptional grip and control for precise and accurate shots. The ambidextrous thumb rest adds to the comfort and stability of the grip, allowing for a natural and secure shooting position. It's easy to install and compatible with most PCP airguns, with a low-profile design that ensures a sleek appearance while improving overall shooting performance. Upgrade your PCP airgun with the Saber Tactical AR-Style Vertical Grip and take your shooting experience to the next level with enhanced control, comfort, and accuracy. ST0050 = Black Grip ST0050B = Gold Grip PRODUCT FEATURES: High-quality construction, 6061 T6 Aluminum Lightweight and durable Ambidextrous thumb rest for comfort and stability Easy to install Low-profile design for a sleek appearance Compatible with most PCP airguns.
Tank Valve ST0031
Tank Valve ST0031 $200.00
Replace your factory tank valve with our larger valve. The large knobs and handle make filling and releasing air a breeze! Features: Open and close tank with a 2.25 inch knob Drain the line with the 1.25 inch knob Dead head to test the tank's pressure 2.2 inch gauge display Tank thread 7/8-14 UNF Pair with ST0037 adapter to be able to screw on carbon fiber gun bottles.
Mono-Pod Bench Version ST0026
Mono-Pod Bench Version ST0026 $250.00
If you already have the Saber Tactical buttstock, or you plan to get one, this mono-pod is a great addition to it for bench competition. It's very rigid and sturdy, yet making horizontal and vertical adjustments is butter smooth! Includes adapter to attach to buttstock. Features: Stainless Steel Precision lead screw for smooth micro adjustments Other metals are aluminum 6061 T6 Rubber bottom for extra grip No need to loosen knobs for adjusting Detach and attach mono-pod to adapter by sliding the mono-pod in.  Strong magnets help keep it secure Ball joint near the base allows you to cant  Feed back from our 2021 RMAC Champ!
Fx Impact Fishing Kit ST0051
Fx Impact Fishing Kit ST0051 $225.00
The Saber Tactical FX Impact Fishing Conversion Kit is a must-have accessory for serious air rifle enthusiasts. Designed specifically for the Fx Impact PCP air rifle, this conversion kit allows you to transform your air rifle into a powerful fishing tool. With its ease of use and versatility, the FX Impact Fishing Conversion Kit is the perfect accessory for anyone who loves air rifles and fishing. Be sure to check out the Saber Tactical FX Impact Fishing Conversion Kit today!
Mono-Pod Field Version ST0027
Mono-Pod Field Version ST0027 $150.00
If your gun already has the Saber Tactical buttstock, or you plan to get one, this mono-pod is a great addition for field use. Even if the the shooting surface is not perfectly fat, the ball joint can easily adjust to it. Features: Stainless Steel  Precision lead screw for smooth micro adjustments Other metals are aluminum 6061 T6 Rubber bottom for extra grip No need to loosen knobs to make adjustments Includes attached adapter for the buttstock Detach and attach mono-pod to adapter by sliding the mono-pod in.  Strong magnets help keep it secure Ball joint near the base allowing you to cant 
FX Impact / Maverick Bag Rider ST0002
FX Impact / Maverick Bag Ri... $65.00
With this bag rider, you can easily adjust the height of your gun simply by sliding a shooting bag forward or back. It's that simple to use and also simple to install. This item has proven its effectiveness in competition. Comes with a bag rider adapter for the FX grips.  How to install with Hogue grip How to install with FX grip
60mm Bottle Clamp ST0004
60mm Bottle Clamp ST0004 $69.99
If you're uneasy about drilling into your factory gun stock, this 60mm bottle clamp will easily attach to your 60mm carbon fiber or aluminum bottles. It has rubber pads on the inside to prevent any marring to your bottle.  This clamp has picatinny rails at the bottom for you to connect your preferred picatinny accessories. Features: 6061 T6 aluminum Matte black anodize Compatible with: FX Carbon Fiber & Steel BottlesRAW (HM1000X, etc)Daystate (Redwolf, Airwolf, etc)Brocock (Commander, Bantam, etc)