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Tank Valve ST0031
Tank Valve ST0031 $200.00
Replace your factory tank valve with our larger valve. The large knobs and handle make filling and releasing air a breeze! Features: Open and close tank with a 2.25 inch knob Drain the line with the 1.25 inch knob Dead head to test the tank's pressure 2.2 inch gauge display Tank thread 7/8-14 UNF Pair with ST0037 adapter to be able to screw on carbon fiber gun bottles.
FX Impact Double Tank Adapter ST0011
FX Impact Double Tank Adapt... $120.00
This adapter allows you to connect two air bottles to the gun, yes, TWO! That means you get double the play time. Works with the larger manometer. Now compatible with FX Impact M3 Features: 6061 T6 aluminum body and stainless steel tank nipples.
Fx Panthera Drop-down Front Bottle Adapter ST0060
Fx Panthera Drop-down Front... $60.00
Precision-engineered and meticulously crafted, the Saber Tactical Fx Panthera Drop-down Front Bottle Adapter seamlessly integrates with your FX Panthera PCP air rifle, establishing a secure and reliable connection and allowing you to attach a bottle to the front of the Panthera while continuing to utilize either the stock Panthera rail or the Saber Tactical Pathera Rail. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, even during rigorous shooting sessions and adverse conditions.  PRODUCT FEATURES - 7.6oz in weight- Made of 304 Stainless Steele with electroplating   Note: The Fx Panthera Drop-down Front Bottle Adapter ST0060 is not compatible with FX Panthera Hunter/Dynamic Compact Arca Rail ST0073 & Panthera Standard Bottom Rail ST0076
Tank Valve Adapter M18x1.5  ST0037
Tank Valve Adapter M18x1.5 ... $30.00
This adapter allows you to convert the threads on our tank valve from 7/8-14 to M18x1.5. The M18x1.5 is common on carbon fiber gun tanks. Features: 7075 Aluminum Black Anodize Female 7/8-14 threads Male M18x1.5 threads
Fx Panthera Front Bottle Adapter ST0056
Fx Panthera Front Bottle Ad... $30.00
The Saber Tactical Fx Panthera Front Bottle Adapter is designed for convenience. It allows you to attach a second bottle of compressed air to the front of your rifle, providing a really nice alternate placement option for your bottles. The adapter is constructed with stainless steel for durability and attaches easily to the front of your rifle, allowing both bottles to work in tandem for extended shooting sessions. Upgrade your shooting experience with the Saber Tactical Fx Panthera Front Bottle Adapter.
Hatsan Blitz Double Tank Adapter ST0033
Hatsan Blitz Double Tank Ad... $150.00
The Hatsan Blitz is a fun gun, shooting semi and full auto! You can imagine how much pellets and air you go through in one session. We can help the fun last a little longer with this double tank adapter.  Note* Please be aware that you'll need two air bottles that have built in valves to work with this adapter. FX or Daystate bottles will work.  Features: 6061 T6 Aluminum Black Anodize Stainless steel tank thread nipples
Fx Maverick Double Tank Adapter ST0053
Fx Maverick Double Tank Ada... $25.00
Pair this adapter with the FX Impact Double tank adapter ST0011 and you can convert your single tank Maverick to a double tank. Please note you will also need an extra air tank. Features 6061 T6 aluuminum black anodize