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34mm Bottle Clamp ST0005
34mm Bottle Clamp ST0005 $59.99
If you're uneasy about drilling into your factory gun stock, this 34mm tube clamp will easily attach to your 34mm air reservoir. It has rubber pads on the inside to prevent any marring to your bottle. This clamp has picatinny rails at the bottom for you to connect your preferred picatinny accessories. Features: 6061 T6 aluminum Matte black anodize  Compatible with: FX Wildcat FX Dreamlime "Tube" FX Streamline Taipan Veteran Benjamin Marauder
52mm Bottle Clamp ST0030
52mm Bottle Clamp ST0030 $59.99
If you're uneasy about drilling into your factory gun stock, this 52mm bottle clamp will easily attach to your 52mm carbon fiber or aluminum bottles. It has rubber pads on the inside to prevent any marring to your bottle.  This clamp has picatinny rails at the bottom for you to connect your preferred picatinny accessories. Great fit for the AEA HP Plus guns Features: 6061 T6 aluminum Matte black anodize
60mm Bottle Clamp ST0004
60mm Bottle Clamp ST0004 $69.99
If you're uneasy about drilling into your factory gun stock, this 60mm bottle clamp will easily attach to your 60mm carbon fiber or aluminum bottles. It has rubber pads on the inside to prevent any marring to your bottle.  This clamp has picatinny rails at the bottom for you to connect your preferred picatinny accessories. Features: 6061 T6 aluminum Matte black anodize Compatible with: FX Carbon Fiber & Steel BottlesRAW (HM1000X, etc)Daystate (Redwolf, Airwolf, etc)Brocock (Commander, Bantam, etc)  
Air Venturi Avenger / Umarex Origin Picatinny Rail ST0029
Air Venturi Avenger / Umare... $40.00
Easily replace the factory picatinny scope rail with our version for more rigidity.  Made of 6061 aluminum and black anodized.
AirForce Texan/Condor Buttstock Adapter - ST0070
AirForce Texan/Condor Butts... $25.00
Ever wanted to use our Saber Tactical Buttstock with your AirForce Texans or Condors? Well now you can with our buttstock adapter. (Saber Buttstock ST0009 is sold separately) Key Features: Easy to install Uses factory screws 6061 T6 Aluminum Black anodize 
Ambidextrous Thumb Rest ST0067
Ambidextrous Thumb Rest ST0067 $10.00
The Saber Tactical Ambidextrous Thumb Rest for the Saber Grips is a must-have accessory for airgun enthusiasts looking to enhance their shooting experience. This thumb rest is designed with both left- and right-handed shooters in mind, offering a comfortable and secure thumb placement for improved accuracy and control. Constructed from high-quality materials, the rest fits snugly and securely onto the Saber Grips, providing a custom fit that enhances stability and accuracy. Whether you're an experienced airgun shooter or just starting out, the Saber Tactical Ambidextrous Thumb Rest is a valuable addition to your gear and is suitable for use with a wide range of airguns.MUST KNOW BEFORE PURCHASE Saber Tactical Grip NOT INCLUDED Comes with an M4 x 0.7 screw 
AR Style Grip with Ambidextrous Thumb Rest ST0049
AR Style Grip with Ambidext... $65.00
This grip has a thumb rest that can be positioned on either side for competitive shooters who do not like to wrap their thumbs around the grip. You can also adjust the angle to your preference. Note* The first shipment of grips is compatible with FX Impacts and most AR-style grips. We've found that the FX Maverick has a thicker adapter and will not be compatible. We marked the first batch with a Yellow round sticker on the package. Update* - 01/10/2023 - The second shipment has come in and the grips are now compatible with the Fx Maverick. The AR-style grips are not currently compatible with the Saber Tactical Bag Rider. This feature will be coming at a later date. Features: 6061 T6 aluminum Black anodized Skeletonize to reduce weight Ambidextrous thumb rest Weighs 6.0 oz  
Arca to Picatinny Adapter  ST0066
Arca to Picatinny Adapter ... $65.00
Our Arca Rail to Picatinny Adapter, the perfect solution for shooters seeking seamless compatibility between different mounting systems. Engineered with precision and crafted with durability, this adapter allows you to connect your favorite Picatinny accessories seamlessly to an Arca-style rail.Weighing just 3.5 ounces, and crafted from high-quality 6061 aluminum, its robust construction ensures reliability in the most demanding conditions, providing you with the confidence you need while out in the field.With dimensions of 2 inches in length and 1.95 inches in width, this adapter allows for precise and secure attachment of Picatinny accessories to any Arca-style rail. The sleek black anodized finish not only enhances its aesthetics but also adds an extra layer of protection against corrosion, ensuring long-lasting and consistent performance.
Bottle Degasser Kit ST0020
Bottle Degasser Kit ST0020 $65.00
This kit comes in handy when you have to travel with your airguns. TSA requires that the bottles are empty and may ask you to disassemble it to show that it is empty. It has a knurled screw that screws into the bottle and releases the air. Once the tank is empty, attach the red bottle clamp onto the bottle and use the custom wrench to slowly unscrew and release any remaining air. The red bottle clamp is lined with silicone pads, it does not mark your bottle.  
Delrin Bushing for TRS Clamp  ST0040
Delrin Bushing for TRS Clam... $5.00
This bushing goes inside the TRS clamp allowing you to better stabilize the FX carbon fiber sleeve. This does not include the clamp. Features: Made of black delrin.  
Dreamline Bottle Chassis ST0015
Dreamline Bottle Chassis ST... $575.00
Features:  Arca Swiss rail with a short picatinny rail in front. T slot rail runs along both sides of the Arca Swiss rail to attach any m lok accessories Foldable stock magnetically secured Built in detachable bag rider Adjustable cheek rest Our very popular adjustable buttstock QD sling mount holes integrated into the stock on both sides Authentic FX gun grip Weights around 4lbs OUR CHASSIS WILL FIT ALL MODELS OF DREAMLINES (Bullpup versions will require additional trigger assembly. Contact your FX dealer) How To Install - Dreamline Classic How to install with Power Adjuster
Extended Dust Cap Cover ST0019
Extended Dust Cap Cover ST0019 $10.00
This extended dust cap makes it easier to get into those tight trigger guards. With this dust cap, you can easily remove without straining your finger muscles! Features: Made of aluminum 60601 with a strong magnet inside Measures: 14mm outer diameter and just shy of 23mm long  
Extended Quick Disconnect 1/8 BSP ST0010
Extended Quick Disconnect 1... $20.00
This extended quick disconnect (QD) makes it easy for those guns with hard to reach fill nipples. You'll wonder how you did without it! A must have for FX Impacts. Features:1/8 BSP male threadsRelease collar close to 1.20 inches longComes with sealed washer
FX Crown Chassis ST0021
FX Crown Chassis ST0021 $600.00
Our field testers were very excited to get it and raved at how much comfort and versatility it adds to an already spectacular rifle. Not only does it add a WOW factor to the already loved gun, but it also allows the shooter to make it the ultimate platform for precision shooting. It elevates the FX Crown to a whole other level, just ask the competitors who've won with this setup! ***THE NEW VERSION HAS A GAP THAT WILL NOT ALLOW FOR THE MAGNET ON THE FOLDING STOCK TO ENGAGE DUE TO THE DESIGN OF THE M-LOK RAIL***  Features: Arca Swiss rail with a short Picatinny rail in front. Arca Swiss rail with M Lok mounts. Foldable stock magnetically secured. Built-in detachable bag rider. Adjustable cheek rest. Our very popular adjustable buttstock. QD sling mount holes are integrated into the stock on both sides. Weighs about 6lbs.  How to install
FX Impact / Maverick Adjustable Buttstock ST0009
FX Impact / Maverick Adjust... $250.00
The engineers at Saber Tactical listened to the end users & incorporated everything into this design. We made this one for bench shooters & hunters. One of our priorities was to make it easy to attach to the gun & make adjustments without tools. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to adjust the buttstock up and down, forward and back, and the angle of the shoulder rest. The silicone padding makes it one of the most comfortable buttstocks on the market. A mono-pod attachment is available as an optional attachment for maximum comfort.
FX Impact / Maverick Bag Rider ST0002
FX Impact / Maverick Bag Ri... $65.00
With this bag rider, you can easily adjust the height of your gun simply by sliding a shooting bag forward or back. It's that simple to use and also simple to install. This item has proven its effectiveness in competition. If you plan on using the factory Fx grip with the bag rider, this will require an additional purchase of the FX Impact Bag Rider Adapter ST0018 ***For the Maverick you will have to bend and straighten in order to get the bag rider to fit properly***    How to install with Hogue grip How to install with FX grip