engineered to enhance your passion for shooting

Saber Tactical Inc produces aftermarket airgun accessories for all levels of shooters and collaborates with entrepreneurs and retailers to bring top quality, competitively products to market.

Compatible with big-name airguns

Our collection is aimed at transforming your beloved rifle into the ultimate shooting experience. Saber Tactical’s tailored products are the result of years of expertise and working closely with fellow shooting enthusiasts and field testers. Always keeping a close ear to the ground for what our customers and the industry want, we take pride in the industry-leading design, product knowledge and innovation we offer. 

Customer service is our #1 priority

High end quality and reliability are non-negotiables and how we enhance shooting functionality and accuracy. Our team – consisting of Donny Du, Val and Thayne Simmons – loves nothing more than to talk to customers and help you improve your abilities.

Please feel free to get in touch with our shooting experts for any questions you might have. We were all beginners once so no question is too basic! You’ll find a patient and friendly ally at Saber Tactical, with honest, straightforward advice. 

“Your feedback is part of our mission to always improve and be better than the day before!” - Donny Du