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FX Impact / Maverick Bag Rider ST0002
FX Impact / Maverick Bag Ri... $65.00
With this bag rider, you can easily adjust the height of your gun simply by sliding a shooting bag forward or back. It's that simple to use and also simple to install. This item has proven its effectiveness in competition. If you plan on using the factory Fx grip with the bag rider, this will require an additional purchase of the FX Impact Bag Rider Adapter ST0018 ***For the Maverick you will have to bend and straighten in order to get the bag rider to fit properly***  Note: Bag Rider is not compatible with Saber Tactical Vertical Grip   How to install with Hogue grip How to install with FX grip
Fx Impact Ambidextrous Cheek Rest ST0054
Fx Impact Ambidextrous Chee... $35.00
ABOUT ITEM The Fx Impact Ambidextrous Cheek Rest is the perfect accessory for any shooter. Whether right or left-handed, this cheek rest will provide a comfortable and stable platform for your cheek while shooting. The cheek rest is extremely easy to install, and it's made of durable materials that will last you a long time. With the Fx Impact Ambidextrous Cheek Rest, you'll be able to shoot with improved accuracy and comfort. Order yours today and see the difference for yourself!FEATURES Compatible with all versions of the Fx Impact Compatible with the Saber Tactical Cheek Risers Weighs only 3.2 oz Made entirely of Delrin material  
FX Impact Arca 3 Compact ST0047
FX Impact Arca 3 Compact ST... $155.00
This rail has a full arca rail on the bottom for your compact FX Impact. It comes with an extended magnetic dust cap. Features: Made of 6061 T6 Aluminum Black anodized Nylon tipped set screw to prevent rail from flexing against the bottle Overall length from trigger guard to the end is 11.25 inches M Lok slots on bottom and on the side for your go to accessories 1/4-20 threaded hole for camera tripod adapters Quick disconnect holes on both sides
FX Impact Arca Rail 2 ST0022
FX Impact Arca Rail 2 ST0022 $160.00
Similar to the first Arca Rail, however, this one has T slots on both sides allowing you to attach shooting accessories such as flashlight and laser. Edges are smooth and makes it very comfortable to shoot offhand. It includes an extended dust fill cap. Features: Aluminum 6061 T6 Hard black anodize Arca Swiss Rail underneath with Picatinny at the end Also has 1/4 x 20 threads for common camera tripod attachment
FX Impact Bag Rider Adapter ST0018
FX Impact Bag Rider Adapter... $10.00
If you've upgraded to the new FX grip and need to attached the bag rider you already have to it, you'll need this adapter. Please watch install video below.  Features: 6061 T6 Aluminum Black anodized
FX Impact Cheek Riser ST0001
FX Impact Cheek Riser ST0001 $65.00
This is an easy to install cheek riser for the FX Impact. It reuses the factory cheek rest and makes it more comfortable for the shooter, a simple yet effective tool. Features 6061 Aluminum Matte Anodized Stainless Steel screws
FX Impact Compact Arca Rail ST0023
FX Impact Compact Arca Rail... $150.00
This compact arca swiss rail is great for the FX Impact with the short 300cc bottle. Makes the gun very comfortable to shoot off hand and allows you to attach your favorite shooting accessories such as a flashlight or laser pointer. Features: Aluminum 6061 T6 Hard black anodized Arca swiss rail with picatinny at the end 1/4 x 20 threads for common photography tripod adapter
FX Impact Double Tank Adapter ST0011
FX Impact Double Tank Adapt... $120.00
This adapter allows you to connect two air bottles to the gun, yes, TWO! That means you get double the play time. Works with the larger manometer. Now compatible with FX Impact M3 Features: 6061 T6 aluminum body and stainless steel tank nipples.
FX Impact Extended Arca Swiss Rail ST0007
FX Impact Extended Arca Swi... $150.00
The Arca Swiss rail allows for easy and fast adjustments. This 3 in 1 rail has a screw hole for your common camera tripod adapter. It has the Arca Swiss rail which allows you to easily slide your gun back and forth. If you have a picatinny bipod, there's also a picatinny rail in the front. It comes with an extended dust cap for your convenience. Overall, it's a well versed rail for the FX Impact.
FX Impact Extended Picatinny Rail ST0006
FX Impact Extended Picatinn... $150.00
Do you need to extend the picatinny rail further on the Impact? Then this is the perfect add-on. Very sturdy and hardly any flex. It comes with an extended dust cap for your convenience.
Fx Impact Fishing Kit ST0051
Fx Impact Fishing Kit ST0051 $225.00
The Saber Tactical FX Impact Fishing Conversion Kit is a must-have accessory for serious air rifle enthusiasts. Designed specifically for the Fx Impact PCP air rifle, this conversion kit allows you to transform your air rifle into a powerful fishing tool. With its ease of use and versatility, the FX Impact Fishing Conversion Kit is the perfect accessory for anyone who loves air rifles and fishing. Be sure to check out the Saber Tactical FX Impact Fishing Conversion Kit today!
FX Impact Low Profile Full Arca 3 Swiss Rail ST0043
FX Impact Low Profile Full ... $165.00
This rail is for those that do not need picatinny slots at the end of their rail, this one has full arca. Ideal for the 580cc and 700cc bottles.  Features: MLok slots at the bottom and on both sides of the rail for add-on accessories. Low profile, hugs closer to the bottle Sling QD slots on both sides 6061 T6 Aluminum  Black anodize From start of trigger guard until the end of rail is 15.75 inches x 2.75 inches wide
Sold out
FX Impact M3 First Regulator Bypass ST0039
FX Impact M3 First Regulato... $30.00
This adapter replaces the factory's first regulator, it recovers the plenum chamber faster for a followup shot. It is highly recommended for PRS shooting style or hunting with no worries of the FPS dropping, causing your POI to change. Works with the old and new versions FX bottle valves. Helps in high powered pressure settings, allows you to run a higher pressure regulator directly in the plenum for the heavy slug shooting. This reg bypass is made of stainless steel to prevent rusting.
FX Impact Magnetic Arm Lock ST0048
FX Impact Magnetic Arm Lock... $35.00
This magnetic arm lock help keep the cocking arm open. Useful during competition when you are required to keep the bolt open. Features: 6061 T6 Aluminum Black anodized Stainless steel screw Easy install Weigh only 1oz Installation instruction: Highly recommend you remove the bottle Fire the gun to remove any air in the plenum Unscrew bolt in front of plenum. See picture 1 Install Magnetic Arm Lock
Fx Impact Quick Disconnect Sling Adapter ST0042
Fx Impact Quick Disconnect ... $20.00
Easily attach this to the rear of your FX Impact to use with a quick detach or straps for your sling. Features:  Made of hardened steel Black anodize
Fx Impact Top Rail Support (TRS) Compact ST0035
Fx Impact Top Rail Support ... $240.00
This new rail changes an already great looking tactical gun into a jaw dropping beast! More importantly, it opens up the possibilities with the latest airgun trends. From the top rail mounted bipod by GRS, to inline night optics and everything in between. Features Integrated bubble level in the rear allowing you to quickly check to make sure your gun is level. A must have for long range shooting. M-Lok slots allow you to attach accessories like: flashlight, laser & weights. It has a built in 20 MOA, gives your scope more elevation for long range shooting. Has a Delrin shroud clamp to prevent shroud drooping. It minimizes or eliminates any point of impact changes when switching suppressors. Available in standard and compact sizes with black anodize. Weight = 11oz Extends past gun block 8 inches